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Fix-it Foot

fixitfoot.jpgDesigned to support lighter loads, the Fix-it Foot has 40mm x 20mm aluminium channel recessed into the top face, allowing fixing of the services resting on the feet.

This one-piece support is available in 5 sizes and has recesses in the underside allow for small debris on the roof surface. The Fix-it Foot is made of durable recycled rubber, which offers built-in anti-vibration and makes it both an economical and environmentally responsible piece of kit!

Fix-it Foot:

  • Fix-it Foot 250 (250 x 180 x 95mm)
    (part no. RMB10)
  • Fix-it Foot 400 (400 x 180 x 95mm)
    (part no. RMB16)
  • Fix-it Foot 600 (600 x 220 x 95mm)
    (part no. RMB24)

fix-it-low.jpgFix-it Foot low:

  • Fix-it Foot 250 Low (250 x 180 x 50mm)
    (part no. RMB10L)
  • Fix-it Foot 400 Low (400 x 180 x 50mm)
    (part no. RMB16L)